i Bitcoin: How and Why to Use Crypto-Currency


How and Why to Use


Created by Amber Adams and Amy Flatt


The Magnanimity of Magnus

Who is Satoshi Nakamoto?

Characteristics of


  • decentralized
  • minimal transaction fees
  • quick & easy
  • permanency
  • transparency
  • (almost) anonymous

Caveat Emptor:

Bitcoin Investing

  • fluctuating value
  • currency, commodity, security
  • taxation
  • storage
  • exchanges
  • the shady side of the market

Exchanging Bitcoin

block chain address or QR code

remember: exchanges are PERMANENT

How Do I Get Bitcoin?


Bitcoin digital wallet

Bitcoin paper wallet

Spending Bitcoin

Bitcoin Store

local businesses

Bitcoin ads on Reddit

Caribbean citizenship

Bitcoin to cash ATM card

"Alternative" Coins

Bitcoin is a crypto-currency protocol

bitcoins other than Bitcoin

colored coins

Coin Design

  • number of coins
  • hashing algorithm
  • difficulty
  • block rate, reward amount
  • pre-mining

Design Features

  • anonymity, security
  • community or political
  • branding


A crypto-currency named for the Doge meme

one of the most successful alt coins

Investing in Alts

contrast and compare

Alt Coins

Future Opportunities

when the Web was new

is Bitcoin the next big technology?

Bitcoin 201:

Bitcoin Development

Coin Mining & Coin Creation

Fall 2014 @ MNPS Community Education


by Amber Adams / amberadams.co

and Amy Flatt / amyflatt.com

Slides: amberadams.co/bitcoin-talk